About Us

Star Wars Galaxies: Trading Card Game Emulator is a video game project with the goal of bringing back the original trading card game that was shutdown along with the Star Wars Galaxies game back on December 15th, 2011. As years passed, there was no sight of any work on bringing back the original TCG, as the focus was put towards the SWG game. Therefore, back in 2016, a group of two passionate individuals decided to do it themselves, and created SWG: TCGEmu.

The project has progressed ever since, given that only one developer is working on it. All work is done by scratch, no source code has been used, no reverse engineering of the original game has been done. In the end, we hope to have a working game that both Pre-CU, CU, and NGE servers can use and integrate into their server.

The project is still being actively worked on, and is still in a closed testing stage until the SWG: TCGEmu team feels that the game is ready enough for players to get their hands back into the game.

If you played the original SWG TCG, please consider posting screenshots of your gameplay on the forums. We are constantly researching the design of the game and how it functioned, so anything helps! We are also accepting donations at this time for server costs so we can stay up and active, anything counts!

All major announcements relating to the project will be made on the forums and echoed within our Discord server, feel free to join it if you have not already. We can't wait to see you in-game!