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Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game

The Galactic Civil War continues on a whole new playing field with the Star Wars Galaxies™ Trading Card Game. This first-ever online-only Star Wars® trading card game provides Star Wars Galaxies subscribers with an entirely new gameplay experience by combining the challenge of a trading card game with the adventures and community of the massively multiplayer game! For the first time online, players can:
  • Choose between the light and dark sides of the Force and build their own Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game decks to fight virtual matches for the Rebels, Imperials, Jedi or Sith.
  • Collect beautifully detailed original Star Wars®-themed digital cards.
  • Enhance their digital card decks with 15-card booster packs.
  • Find more than 20 loot cards in both the first and second releases that Star Wars Galaxies players with a paid account, in good standing, can redeem for fantastic in-game items!
  • Challenge their skills in solo play, or join with friends in epic one-on-one matches, cooperative heroic encounters and even official tournaments!