Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game: The Nightsister's Revenge

Strike fear in your opponents with the beastly wrath of the fifth expansion to the Star Wars Galaxies™ Trading Card Game*, The Nightsister's Revenge. The fiercest armies are always full of surprises and the ability to incite beastly rage in your units with the all new "Beast" trait will surely catch your opponents off guard. Make swift fodder of the enemy with new keyword abilities like "Agility," and new level token functionality that lets you activate unit battle bonuses while in play. Plus, once your enemies are destroyed, admire your domain from atop one of the new Spire Structure loot items unique to The Nightsister's Revenge expansion, two of the tallest player structures ever to appear in the Star Wars Galaxies™ MMO!

An Icy Revenge:
Following a fierce battle for leadership, the Nightsister clan of witches on Dathomir has banished one of their own, an extremely powerful Force sensitive named Kyrisa who has developed the ability to control the minds of beasts with the Force. At the orders of Clan Mother Gethzerion, Kyrisa was exiled from Dathomir and crash-landed on the planet Hoth. Enraged at her banishment, Kyrisa vowed revenge against Clan Mother Gethzerion and the Nightsisters. Taking refuge deep within the icy caverns on Hoth, she quickly took control of wampas creating a new pack of minions that she used to wreak havoc on both the Rebel and Imperial military forces on the surface of Hoth, stealing supplies necessary to help her return home to enact her revenge. Her abilities to manipulate the beasts is so complete that both Jedi and Sith want this knowledge, or at the very least to remove the Force-user as a threat to their objectives on the surface.

New Gameplay:
Bolster unit cards labeled with the all-new "Beast" trait with cards such as Beast Attack, a tactic that deals heavy damage using units labeled with the new Beast trait. Utilize new keywords like Agility, automatically readying a chosen unit on the field of battle. Plus, now spend Level Tokens that add additional battle bonuses to cards in play!

Epic Quest Rewards:
The Nightsister's Revenge features an all new beastly 10-scenario Nightsister story-arc, rich with epic quest rewards. Join forces with the Sith Lord Namman Cha, or Jedi Knight Rachi Sitra in the race to learn the secrets of controlling beasts with the Force from the exiled Nightsister, Kyrisa. This new power could certainly help turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War, but for which side?

New Playable Avatars:
Aqualish -- The Aqualish have the reputation for being downright dirty. They're nasty, crude and aggressive, making them perfect for the role of mercenary, bounty hunter or pirate.

Chiss -- Cool, disciplined, physically striking and instantly recognizable, the Chiss are respected and in some cases feared. Their disciplined nature makes them brilliant strategists and tacticians.

Unique Loot:
The Nightsister's Revenge features more than 20 new loot cards, including pet modifying dewback armor, a highly coveted HK-47 jetpack, plus two new massive house structures, the Emperor's Spire and the Rebel Spire, two of the tallest player structures ever to appear in Star Wars Galaxies!

*Active or former Star Wars Galaxies or Station Access™ subscription required. Former Star Wars Galaxies or Station Access subscribers with accounts in good standing are also able to access and play the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game. Star Wars Galaxies or Station Access accounts no longer in good standing may result in inability to play, use or access Star Wars Galaxies trading cards. Booster packs, starter packs, loot or promotional cards received as part of a promotion or included at no additional cost with valid, current, paid Star Wars Galaxies subscription are non-transferable and non-tradeable. Redeemed items are non-transferable and non-tradeable; may be limited to one per account; access to redeemed items available only with current, paid Star Wars Galaxies subscription in good standing or with Star Wars Galaxies trial account (but only for duration of such limited trial account -- ie, up to 14 days). Internet connection required. Players are responsible for all applicable internet fees. Additional recurring subscription fees apply to Star Wars Galaxies and Station Access accounts. Bonus loot card (and items redeemed from such cards) limited to one per account. Items are non-tradeable and non-transferable. Booster pack cards included at no additional cost with valid, active Star Wars Galaxies subscription are non-transferable and non-tradeable. Additional starter packs and booster packs sold separately. Star Wars Galaxies and the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game are digital files only. No physical boxes, trading cards, disks, software, documentation or other tangible materials will be sent to you.