Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game: The Shadow Syndicate

On the field of battle, the force with the ability to move units at will always has the upper hand. In the fourth expansion to the Star Wars Galaxies™ Trading Card Game*, The Shadow Syndicate, gain a decisive advantage over your opponents with all new vehicle units sure to run your opponents in to the ground.

In the Shdows of the Empire:
With increasing pressure on trade routes from the Empire, the Rebels are using swoop racing to hide their movements of much needed military vehicles from the Empire. Intent to discover the new Rebel tactic, the Emperor has tasked the Falleen Prince Xizor to uncover the Rebel activities. Using tips from his Black Sun agents, Xizor's attention focuses on the team of star driver Kimmi Chyler, who has hired legendary Corellian freelance smuggler, Dash Rendar, to provide transport. Knowing their cover to be exposed, Dash and Kimmi make a valiant break to deliver the new vehicles to the Rebels before Xizor and his Black Sun minions can seize the shipment for themselves.

The Shadow Syndicate introduces all new vehicle unit cards representing classic Star Wars™ vehicles such as AT-ATs, Swoop Bikes, Landspeeders, Airspeeders, Skiffs and much more. Plus, for the first time ever, play classic Star Wars extended universe characters from Shadows of the Empire such as Dash Rendar and the Falleen Prince Xizor.

New Gameplay:
Vehicle unit cards enhance standard unit cards like never before. Now, use vehicles to receive additional movement bonuses and deliver units to battles quicker, move multiple units at once, redeploy units from one quest to another, or utilize heavy vehicles to automatically bring a bonus avatar attack into play.

Epic Quest Rewards:
The Shadow Syndicate features the all new 10-scenario Shadows of the Empire story-arc putting players in the services of an illicit Rebel swoop racing operation led by Dash Rendar, or the Falleen Prince Xizor, determined to uncover the illicit Rebel operation to steal any Rebel prizes for himself and gain favor with the Emperor. Complete light and dark side objectives to earn unique unit and item card rewards.

New Playable Avatars:
Nautolans – Possessing exceptional sensory skills enhanced by head-tresses, Nautolans had superior ability at mastering of the Force™.

Falleen - Falleen - Strong and intelligent with the ability to change their skin tones according to their emotional state, the Falleen are a reptilian race from the Midrim regions.

Unique Loot:
The Shadow Syndicate features more than 20 new loot cards including your own Starship Hangar, the Air-2 Racing Swoop, and the ability to combine several items to create the awesome AT-AT House!

*Active or former Star Wars Galaxies or Station Access™ subscription required. Former Star Wars Galaxies or Station Access subscribers with accounts in good standing are also able to access and play the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game. Star Wars Galaxies or Station Access accounts no longer in good standing may result in inability to play, use or access Star Wars Galaxies trading cards. Booster packs, starter packs, loot or promotional cards received as part of a promotion or included at no additional cost with valid, current, paid Star Wars Galaxies subscription are non-transferable and non-tradeable. Redeemed items are non-transferable and non-tradeable; may be limited to one per account; access to redeemed items available only with current, paid Star Wars Galaxies subscription in good standing or with Star Wars Galaxies trial account (but only for duration of such limited trial account -- ie, up to 14 days). Internet connection required. Players are responsible for all applicable internet fees. Additional recurring subscription fees apply to Star Wars Galaxies and Station Access accounts. Bonus loot card (and items redeemed from such cards) limited to one per account. Items are non-tradeable and non-transferable. Booster pack cards included at no additional cost with valid, active Star Wars Galaxies subscription are non-transferable and non-tradeable. Additional starter packs and booster packs sold separately. Star Wars Galaxies and the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game are digital files only. No physical boxes, trading cards, disks, software, documentation or other tangible materials will be sent to you.